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Home to Amazon Kindle's No. 1 Bestselling author Rachel Abbott. With over 3 million book sales, Rachel is the most popular independently published author in the UK. 

Over 3m book sales worldwide.


People often say you can’t judge a book by its cover, and that may be true. But in a world of online purchasing, the design of the cover is crucial to a novel’s success. A reader has to instantly be drawn to it and it has to stand out in a sea of other designs.

BYXP has designed some outstanding covers for my novels and created a consistency of branding which makes my books instantly recognisable. There is no doubt that their combination of creativity and technical excellence has played a significant part in the success of my books.

Rachel Abbott

UK's No. 1 Bestselling Self-Published Author

Brand & Art Direction:  By Experience


By Experience was chosen by Rachel Abbott and Black Dot Publishing to originate the visual brand and establish a design that would be scalable for her growing portfolio of titles. Seven years and eight titles later, we remain the lead creative partner of choice to represent their publications. 

Design & Branding: 

By Experience


Making it happen

We deliver creative efficiency for all our clients, regardless of the challenge, timescales and budget.

1. Branding

We worked closely with the author and publisher to establish a brand strategy that would differentiate and emphasis her uniqueness within a crowded marketplace.

4. Design

Jacket design has evolved to require a design that will both leap off the shelf and browser with equal effect. Each design has been optimised to be highly legible from ‘thumbnail’ size upwards.

2. Visual Language

We set the goal to create a visual style that was unmistakeably “Rachel Abbott”, both off-the-shelf with the first publication and for many releases and years to come.

5. Cross Media

BYXP has supported a number of book releases with a range of marketing collateral for use across social media and online channels. Filmic trailers were produced for three titles.


Each release needed to sell the overarching plot, key themes, mood and setting, drawing upon the multiple narratives and nuances to create intrigue.

6. Evolution

The release of "And So It Begins" ushered in a new series of books starring a new lead protagonist. This required a clear evolution of the visual style, while retaining the Rachel Abbot brand.


Storytelling By Experience

By Experience has created eight jacket designs for Rachel Abbott and Black Dot Publishing. The most recent title – And So it Begins – represents the first in a new series of titles featuring a new lead character. This required us to look at creating a new direction for the jacket designs, while retaining the hallmarks of an already well-established brand.


Three Million Reasons Why

What we've achieved so far


BYXP created the eighth jacket design for Rachel Abbott's latest US title - "And So It Begins" - in October 2018.


Since 2011, our designs have been seen by over three million readers across the globe, helping to make the UK's No. 1 self-published author become a highly distinctive brand in the much fought after crime and thriller publishing market.