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Branding, Web Design, E-Commerce

How High Brands offer 360-degree strategic brand support for salons, high-end retailers and e-commerce channels. Specialising in premium and eco hair lines, beauty & fashion brands and all that fits in between.


"I've worked with many global agencies and I genuinely experienced a level of creativity and depth of thinking that is second to none. I can’t recommend BYXP highly enough"

Ben Waring

Managing Director - How High Brands


Brand & Art Direction; UI; Build:  By Experience


With design, integrity and customer satisfaction core values of the brand, How High Brands sought a trusted agency to support its ambitions. By Experience were chosen to establish an online destination to engage customers, share advice and guidance and develop a store to support its growing range of products.

UI design and build: 

By Experience

 UI Design and Build:  By Experience

Making it happen

We deliver creative efficiency for all our clients, regardless of the challenge, timescales and budget.

1. Strategy

We immersed ourselves in the business, from understanding its strategy, customers, touch-points, products, values, competitors, and intended positioning.

4. Design

We rolled up our sleeves and set to work on the design of the solution across two parallel streams – brand origination and UX/UI design – involving many pens, sheets of paper and mouse clicks!  

2. Customers

We adopted the mind-set of the customer, to understand what makes them tick (personas), to how they engage with health and beauty brands throughout the customer journey.

5. Prototyping

We developed a series of lo-fi rapid prototypes for the web and mobile experience. We started sharing work-in-progress at a very early stage, encouraging deep collaboration.

3. Competition

We researched the competition, the How High Brands portfolio of products and hair and beauty market to help differentiate and stand out from the crowd.

6. Build

We built within two iterative stages, getting quickly out of the blocks with an initial micro-site, before evolving the site to include the product portfolio and online store.


Social media and marketing:  By Experience


Aiming High:

What we've achieved so far?

The site soft-launched on 28.09.18.

We helped take the first online order within two hours of going live.

Regular updates to follow...


Brand & Art Direction; UI; Build:  By Experience